24-Hour Home Care

Ashe Home Care offers 24/7 home care in Boone and surrounding areas. Our 24-hour caregivers are screened, trained in 24-hour care at home, and supervised by a registered nurse. We’re a team you can count on to care for your loved one as if they were our own.

What Is 24/7 Home Health Care?

24-hour home care is full-time, around-the-clock care that is provided in your loved one’s home. Often, clients who are living with dementia, have physical limitations due to age, illness, surgery or disability, and those with complex needs benefit from 24/7 care at home. 

24/7 Home Care Services

Your loved one’s care can be structured in a couple different ways, depending on their needs. They can have one caregiver who provides care all day and then sleeps in the client’s home at night. Or they can have two caregivers, each working 12-hour shifts to monitor your loved one and provide care around-the-clock.

With 24-hour home health care, your loved one and their caregiver(s) spend a great deal of time together and become trusted companions. Whenever needs arise, day or night, you can rest assured an experienced home health aide is tending to your loved one. We provide 24-hour home health care for the elderly in their own homes, as well as disabled adults, veterans and children.

Our 24-hour caregivers in Boone and surrounding areas help with:

  • Daily personal care tasks like bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, using the bathroom and transferring from place to place
  • Companionship, including emotional support and help with favorite hobbies or activities
  • Transportation to medical appointments and other outings
  • Running errands like grocery shopping
  • Homemaker services like cleaning and cooking
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Help with light exercise and movement
  • Reporting progress to family members and healthcare providers
  • 24-hour nursing care at home to help with wound care, infusions and other medical needs

Do You Need a 24-Hour Caregiver?

Here are a few signs that your loved one needs 24/7 home care:

  • They wake frequently during the night and need help getting out of bed, using the bathroom and settling back to sleep.
  • They take many different medications and have trouble managing them properly.
  • They tend to wander or get confused.
  • They have complex needs that require round-the-clock monitoring and care.
  • You only feel comfortable with them living at home if they have 24/7 support.
  • They have limited mobility or are recovering from an illness, injury or medical procedure.
  • They need monitoring and support short-term, while you’re out of town.

Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

24/7 care at home serves different purposes for different families. For example, it:

  • Gives families peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and supervised.
  • Maximizes your quality time with your loved one.
  • Gives caregivers a good night’s sleep so they have energy to provide daytime care, work or handle other responsibilities.
  • Allows your loved one to stay safe and comfortable at home.
  • Manages medical needs and emergencies that arise, day or night.
  • Brings a calming presence and stimulating activities for those with dementia or other conditions that cause agitation or confusion.
  • Ensures medications are taken on schedule.
  • Minimizes the risk of falling by monitoring your loved one and assisting with transferring from one place to another.

How Much Does 24/7 In-Home Care Cost?

If around-the-clock care sounds like it would meet your needs, the next step is figuring out how much 24-hour in-home care costs. For many families, 24-hour in-home care is a cost-effective alternative to nursing home or facility care.

So how much does 24-hour care in the home cost? It depends on the type of care you need. For example, the cost of 24-hour nursing care at home is typically higher than care from a personal care aide, given the skilled nature of the care. Call us to talk through 24-hour in-home care costs.

At Ashe Home Care, we create personalized plans based on your family’s needs. We’re a family-owned home care agency that has served western North Carolina for over 15 years. To find out if a 24-hour caregiver in Boone and surrounding areas could help your loved one stay safe at home, call us at (336) 846-1345.

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