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If aging, illness, injury or disability makes it difficult for your loved one to take care of themselves, home health aides can help. Our home care aides in Boone and surrounding areas are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide care to your loved one.

Caring for people is in our nature. It’s part of who we are. And we bring patience and compassion to every client we serve. We’ll work with your schedule and budget to meet your needs, whether your loved one requires care a few hours a week or 24/7.

What Is a Home Health Aide?

Home health aides are trained caregivers who help people with activities of daily living, typically in their own homes. Since the majority of older adults will rely on home care at some point, the demand for home health aides in North Carolina is high. At Ashe Home Care, our in-home caregivers are flexible, honest and patient. We stay in regular communication with you so that you know how your loved one is doing.

Home Health Aide Services

What does a home health aide do? Personal care aides serve a variety of roles, depending on the individual’s needs. Home health aide duties may include helping your loved one with:

  • Bathing and grooming
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Transferring from one place to another
  • Using the bathroom
  • Medication monitoring and reminders
  • Checking vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and pulse
  • Grocery shopping
  • Doing routine chores such as light housekeeping, laundry and cooking
  • Accompanying clients to appointments, shopping or outings

Personal care aides do not provide skilled medical care. If your loved one needs more support, we have certified nursing assistants and registered nurses who provide home nursing care.

Does My Loved One Need Help at Home?

Sometimes older adults feel they are doing fine on their own at home. But they may need support to be able to stay safe. Keep an eye out for the following signs they need a home health aide:

  • Having falls or fear of falling
  • Missing doctor’s appointments
  • Forgetting to take medications on schedule, or taking the wrong medication
  • Leaving the stove or appliances on
  • Having an empty fridge, skipping meals or eating mostly unhealthy foods
  • Wandering away from home
  • Not bathing, changing clothes or getting out of bed regularly

If you notice any of these signs, talk with your loved one about home care.

Benefits of a Personal Care Aide

For many of our clients, their personal care aide becomes a trusted friend and companion. They look forward to their visits, knowing they have a supporter and advocate. Some of the benefits of having a home health aide include: 

  • Improved quality of life through an enhanced sense of safety and security
  • Hands-on care from compassionate, trained caregivers who care for clients as if they were family
  • Peace of mind for you, knowing your loved one is receiving the care they need to stay safe
  • Support and respite care for family caregivers
  • Eyes and ears in the home, reporting progress and changing needs to the client’s family and healthcare providers

Cost of a Home Health Aide

What is the cost of a home health aide? Home health aides earn an hourly wage that depends on their experience and training. The cost of a home health aide may be covered by long-term care insurance, veterans’ benefits, Medicaid and other programs. Some clients pay for an in-home caregiver aide out of pocket.

How to Get a Home Health Aide

Ashe Home Care can match your loved one to the right in-home caregiver for their needs. As a home care agency, we make the process easy for you by handling background checks, payment, taxes and insurance. Call us at (336) 846-1345 to find out if our home health aides in Boone and surrounding areas can provide the help your loved one needs.

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