Home Care Testimonials

We define our success by the experiences of our clients. Below are just a few of the letters of thanks we’ve received from our clients and their families.

“I had knee replacement surgery and hired Ashe Home Care to provide intermediate home care for me during my early stages of convalescence. Mary was pleasant and provided high quality care for me. She took me to a physical therapy appointment, assisted me at my early attempts at home physical therapy, did routine cleaning and was very attentive to my every need. I found her to be knowledgeable, efficient and extremely pleasant company. Chelsea, the owner, was efficient as well and her company and organization made my recovery more pleasant and likely easier than it would have been without her help and support. Hopefully I will not need further care but if I do Mary and Chelsea will be the first people I call for assistance.”


“Beth just started working with my mother this week. I am so very impressed with her..She is very patient and kind..Even when my Mom had asked her for the 6th time what her name was, and what kind of car she was driving, Beth answered just as kindly on the 6th time as she did on the first. She cleaned better in her room than anyone ever has. It is obvious that she has done this for a long time. 

With all the challenges that we can face with trying to keep our loved ones at home with us as long as we can, any help is appreciated, but to find someone you instantly feel will be instrumental in doing so is such a blessing. It is very obvious that she is full of energy and goes the extra mile. Thank you for sending Beth to help my Mom. We truly feel blessed.”


“I really like Ashe Home Care. They have sent me the best aid I’ve ever had. When I go out to the store on Thursdays Norma really helps. Since I have to use a walker, she pushes the cart for me. I’m really thankful that I have her. When I get mail I don’t understand, I ask Norma to explain it to me. And Norma is a good cook also. She cleans my apartment very well. I never want to lose Norma as my aid. She is so sweet and kind to me.”


“Ashe Home Care has made a great difference in our lives. Scott is a caring person and once you ask him to do something, his response is “consider it done” not just that one time but from then on. I appreciate Scott and Ashe Home Care.”


“I am very pleased with the way Ashe Home Care’s CNAs and Nurses treat me. If I had to do it all over again, I would recommend Ashe Home Care to a friend who needed help.”


“I am very happy with the services of Ashe Home Care. You have been very thoughtful and thorough in all my dealings with you. And I love Norma, my present aide. She is caring and kind and also very thorough.”