Blog: Respite Care: Avoiding Burnout When Caring for a Loved One

Caring for an elderly loved one is not easy. After a while, you may begin to get burned out. You may find yourself getting irritated with your relative, or you may be feeling the brunt in other aspects of your life.

If this is the case, you may consider respite care. Respite care is not full-time daycare. Instead, temporary care can be as short as an afternoon, as long as a month or more.

Read on to learn more about respite care to determine if you are ready.


What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides temporary relief for primary caregivers. It can be arranged for a few hours or several days or weeks. It can be provided at home, a healthcare facility, or an adult day center. Most home care facilities offer it.

You can expect the same services from respite care as you would from any other type of home healthcare, including:

  • Assistance with daily tasks
  • Running errands
  • Transportation
  • Light medical care
  • Medication management
  • Companionship

You can pay for respite care by the day or by the hour. Terms will vary depending on the agency you use. You may also use insurance to cover respite care.


What are Some Signs That You are Ready for Respite Care?

Here are some reasons why respite care may be necessary:


You are Getting Irritated with Your Loved Ones

Stress and irritability go hand in hand. If you snap at your elderly loved one and others around you, it may be because you’re stressed out. Respite care will reduce stress, so it doesn’t interfere with your personal and professional relationships.


You Don’t Have Time for Daily Tasks

You may be so busy caring for others that you cannot care for yourself. You may notice that your house is dirty, your laundry is piling up, and your dishes are unwashed in the sink. Respite care will allow you to catch up on your household duties.


You are Unfocused

Stress causes you to lose focus. As a result, you may make mistakes or lose things due to forgetfulness. Your inability to concentrate can negatively affect productivity, so you fall even further behind.


You Feel Depressed

While some amount of stress is good, long-term stress can be harmful. It can contribute to depression, which makes you feel sad and disinterested in the things you love. It can also affect your appetite, your sleep habits, and your ability to concentrate.

Respite care provides a break that will minimize stress and make you happier.


You see Physical Signs of Stress.

In some instances, stress can get so severe that it begins to take a physical toll. It can cause your muscles to tighten, leading to aches and pains. It can lower immunity, so you become sick more often.

If the stress of caring for a loved one is causing physical symptoms, respite care may be just what you need.


Your Social Life is Nonexistent

You may be spending so much time caring for your loved one that you cannot hang out with friends and other relatives. If it’s been weeks or months since you took time out for social occasions and other fun events, respite care may be necessary.


Your Friends and Family are Concerned

If caring for a loved one gets too much, your friends and family will start to notice. They may pick up on the fact that you are not yourself. They may be unhappy that you seem irritable and cannot spend much time with them.


You Need Time Off for Other Reasons

Respite care does not only come in handy in times of burnout. It’s also a good solution if you need to vacation if your schedule becomes too full due to a temporary circumstance or if you are not feeling well. An aide can fill in for you for as long as you need.


Get Respite Care at Ashe Home Care

Ashe Home Care offers the ideal solution if you are looking for high-quality respite care for your loved one. We provide exceptional, personalized service to our clients and their families. We offer the highest care and respect to those we serve.

If caring for your loved one is overwhelming, respite care provides the necessary break. Ashe Home Care is a provider of top-notch respite care and other adult-care services. Contact us to discover how we can help you and your elderly relative achieve a higher quality of living.